We transform multi-unit living and work spaces into sustainable sanctuaries filled with empowered people.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right
— Henry Ford

Investing in the process and the people

  • Phase One: Empower residents to recycle + compost by providing them with the tools + education to do so

    • Provide every tenant with a trash can, recycling bin and a compost pail

    • Education on how they can save the world by changing the way they dispose of their waste

    • Incorporate recycling and composting into residents daily lifestyles through habit forming activities that are both sustainable and realistic

  • Phase Two: Connect residents to your complex, their fellow residents and their food by creating community gardens

  • Phase three: Lead workshops for residents and staff that help them to live their best lives

  • phase four: turn buildings into fully sustainable green SANCTUARIES